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2015 May 21-26th Yunnan Shangri-La Photo Tour

Shangri La Songtsam

Shangri La Songtsam

Every year, for the last 7 years, I had organized, with Jenny Zhou (my favorite professional tour operator), a Photography Trip in some of the greatest part of China. This year, our destination will be Yunnan Shangri-la.

Franc Peret (Photos

I didn’t have a chance to get there yet, so all illustrations are coming from our accommodation supplier:

Yunnan feel
One of our Songtsam accomodation

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If you are interested in this trip, please contact Jenny directly as there is only 8 places in total and the registration deadline will come very soon (March 30th).

Ancient Monastery and tradition
Colorful local population with tibetan culture influence.

A Unique learning experience

Any of my student who had signed up for the Essential Photography class in past and present is eligible for the trip as this will be an extension of my teaching, by being on the field with you for 6 full days.

Everything you are going to experiment and learn during this Photography tour will be based on what you had already learned (or are learning) with me. Several picture reviews will be set during the trip for you to keep progressing and improving.

Awesome sightseeing
Green Landscape

Get prepared

If you have technical question (related to photography or equipment) about the trip, do not hesitate to ask by sending to me an email:

If you have question about enrollment, payment process and related to accommodation, please contact Jenny directly:

Get in touch and hope to see you there.


Luxury accomodotation
Full Comfort


May 21-26th Yunnan Shangri-la
Photo Workshop with Franc Peret

A place of traditions

Dates: 21-26, May, 2015
Trip Cost: RMB 12800/person (Double Occupancy);
RMB 3200 extra for round trip flights and RMB 3300 extra for single room supplement.
Number of Participants: 6-8 Students
Registration Deadline: 30th March, 2015
Note regarding room arrangements: due to the limited number of rooms at the Songtsam Lodges, single room requests depend on room availability at the time of booking.
To sign up:

Pictures of the area:

Culture mix
Photographer paradise

Trip Introduction:

This year’s photo workshop with Franc takes you into the heart of Yunnan’s Shangri-la region to uncover the cultures and landscape of the Chinese Himalayas.

Meeting in a monastery

Shangri-la county in Yunnan province borders Tibet in the West, and Sichuan province in the North. This area had once been the Kham state of Tibet, and today, Tibetan cultural influence can still be found everywhere.

Tibetan Monastery in Yunnan

The workshop will spend the first two nights in the town of Shangri-la for you to acclimatize. Within the town, you will be able to photograph inside the Songtelling Monastery, also called the “Little Potala”, it is largest and most important Monastery of the Tibetan Buddhist faith inYunnan.

Traditional Ceremony in Monastery

Since you will be staying at the Songtsam Lodge within the Monastery grounds, you will be able to photograph the Monastery and the daily lives of its inhabitants during hours that are devoid of tourists.

Shangri-la Old Town

Other attractions in Shangri-la are the old town and the markets where you will find a mix of colors. Much of Shangri-la’s surrounds consist of pasture lands and fields where the main staple for the Tibetans – barley is grown. May is the season where you will find yaks grazing the grasslands, and people tending to their fields.

Discovering a great diversity

Meili Snow Mountain

Afterwards, you will all venture further west to the Meili region, passing the Tibetan towns of Benzilan, and Deqin, where the Tibetan vibe is even stronger than Shangri-la, and landscape becomes more dramatic as it gets higher in altitude.

Old French Churches and vineyard

You will witness the beauty of the Meili snow mountain, which is the most sacred of all the snow mountains in the Chinese Tibetan territory. You will spend the night at the Songtsam lodge in Benzilan.

Old French Churches and Traditional Vineyards

From Benzilan, on day 4, you shall travel to the lower valleys in the south, where you will find old churches and vineyards established by the early French missionaries. Some local households still produces wine using traditional methods taught by the French hundreds of years ago. Spend the night at the Cizhong Songtsam Lodge. Return to Shangri-la on day 5, rest and have a final photo review at the Songtsam Lodge. Early departure for your flight back to Shanghai on day 6.

Local Interior Design

Former ELC Photography teacher, Franc Peret is teaching Essential Photography Classes, Advanced Photography Workshop and Film Making Classes in Shanghai, for the last 10 years.