Essential Photography Lessons

Essential Photography Lessons

25 hours over 9 weeks

3600 RMB

Pay & Enroll

My COURSES will start again in Shanghai
when life will be back to normal.

Sorry for not organizing Private classes (individual or small groups) + photography walks for groups, in Shanghai for such a long time.
I am in France offering similar classes, that you are welcome to join, if you are travelling in Europe, and I hopefully will be teaching in Shanghai when the overall situation will be back to normal for traveling.

If you are having any question, please contact me here :

Private Courses >>

At first, as my time in Shanghai might be limited to few weeks, you will be welcome to reserve a private or small group photography class on Morning, Afternoon or Evening, any day of the week.
One class last 2 to 3 hours and according your need, we can decide how many classes will suit you.
To practice what you had learn you will also be welcome to join any of my photography walks in the city I am going to announce to all the people who will get in touch with me.

You can pick up your schedule, right now, by dropping me an email to make a reservation by mentioning your favorite Date / Day / Time of the day (Morning, Afternoon or Evening) / Number of participants.
Beforehand, I am suggesting you to contact me to discuss about your experience, you need and your goal to get the best tailor-made program for you and your friends if they want to share the class.
To get more information related to the content and cost of private course, please join My Private photography Classes page

Private Courses >>

My 10 Classes, 9 Weeks, 25 Hours program will be (hopefully) back in 2023.

Drop me an email, I will add your contact to my student’s list and you will be informed of any private courses, walks and workshops opportunities this fall.

Franc’s Essential Photography course teaches you how to build up great shots from any kind of subject

1 – Introduction to the Essential Class

The goal of this course is to teach the amateur photographer how to think and work like a pro without compromising fun and creativity.
You will gain more confidence and creative sensitivity as you learn to implement more-efficient methods.

2 – Who is concerned?

This course condenses more than 35 years of professional photography experience in various fields: news, movie, fashion, travel, sports, and advertising industries.
The program content is adapted to any student levels, from beginner to advanced photographer, as it includes all essential aspect of photography creative Technics.
This class is a perfect preparation to my Photography walks and tours.
I also strongly advise students to complete this essential program, before joining Franc’s Advanced Photography workshop (APW) course.

Learn how to anticipate action in Franc’s Essential Photography Class

3 – What does this class cover?

This class is a resume of what you absolutely need to know about photography to improve your technical knowledge and understanding of camera preset, set up and control (ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, focal length, exposure, and histogram) and to quickly solve most common problems (blurry pictures, wrong exposure, wrong focus…).

On the human side, you will discover some exclusive and constructive advice to anticipate your need (preset, set up and lens choice), to position yourself, to get in touch with people, to track or freeze motion and to make the most out of your subject.

A student in Franc’s Essential Photography Class. Practice is essential to understand all the notion, tips and tricks learned in the classroom.

On the creative side, you will get valuable insights into frame composition (rule of thirds, point of view, the search of beauty, structure build up…), background placement and lighting controls (3D feel, lines, Depth of field…) to improve the impact of your images and to free your creativity.

On the whole, you will learn to resolve technical, aesthetic, and conceptual issues while being trained to tell a story through a series of images you will be able to upgrade in post-production.

4 – Course Outline

  • 3 x Classes: Essential technical knowledge concerning different Digital format, lenses choice, camera presetting and Mode, Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure, Histogram, correcting mistakes, color treatment (jpg or raw)…
  • 2 x Classes: Practical advice and tips for getting faster to set up your camera and to choose the right lens and mode for all types of photography: Sport, People, Portrait, Low light and Night, Macro, Landscape, Flash…
  • 1 x Class: Improving composition and creativity
  • 1 x Class: Photo journalism tips: How to tell stories with your pictures
  • 1 x Class: Street photography session outdoor
  • 1 x Class: Students Picture review (personal and street session)
  • 1 x Class: Introduction to post processing (Photoshop, Raw file…)
Franc’s Essential Photography Class is teaching practical tips helping anyone to improve his/her skills

5 – Instructor

Franc Péret, 35 years of experience in professional Photography, 17 years experience in teaching (with more than 990 students), former ELC photography classes founder and teacher.

6 – Required Equipment

You just need a Digital camera with its lens. Compact camera or bridge camera are accepted as long as they offer equivalent features as DSLR camera in term of settings (Mode, ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed…).

Classroom is spacious and comfy.

If you are not sure that your actual equipment matches the course, contact me prior to sign up.
If you are planning to invest in a new camera, do not hesitate to ask for advice.
It is a good idea to get it for the course.

7 – Class Size

Minimum 6 students. Maximum 12 students per class.

8 – Class Duration

9 weeks = 25 hours total with 1 class once a week + 1 extra class (outdoor shooting).
Each class lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.
You sign up for 1 course among the 3 offered: Thursday Evening, Friday Morning or Saturday Morning.

9 – Schedule Sample
Essential Photography Courses

Essential Photography Class students during a street photo shoot in Shanghai

Sign Up in January or February to get a spot for one of the Course,
Starting on March.

3 Courses are available: 10 Classes, 9 Weeks, 25 Hours
– EPC1: Thursday Evening: from 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
– EPC2: Friday Morning: from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
– EPC3: Saturday Morning: from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Note: this is a provisional schedule which will be confirmed, for more information, contact me here:


Franc’s Essential photography class is covering all important aspect of photography in a short time frame of 25 hours total

3600 RMB per student.
+ Add 5% (180 RMB) to the class fee if you need a fapyao.

11 – Payment Procedure

3600 RMB full payment for enrollment at least 2 weeks before class starts, by visiting the location or by bank transfer: information will be sent by responding to your email.
Classes are filling up quickly, so be sure to not wait the last minute to take your decision to join the course!
Contact me for details:

Sign Up >>

Franc’s students practicing their new technical knowledge.


If you are willing to sign up but you know you are going to miss a class, do not worry. I am always doing my best for my students to get the full understanding of the course. Here are some solution and possibilities for any of you to get back what you might miss :

1 – You will get all the material for the class in advance and you will have the opportunity to read it, even if you are missing a class. I am offering to any student the possibility to come 30 minutes earlier in the following class for them to get a resume of the most important part they had missed.

Puxi area offers amazing possibilities for street photography.

2 – You are free to join any of the other class to get back what you had missed or what you are going to miss on your usual one. The content of the first 5 weeks are identical for all classes (technical part) and when we move on to the creative part of the course, each class will get different order of the same topics for student who are away a complete week to get back what they had missed, by coming twice another week.

3 – All most important notions (ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, Depth of field…) are repeated several times during the course and you are going to hear about it again and again (until you fully understand it) even if you had missed a class…