Private and Corporate Class

If you wish to offer a photography course as a birthday gift, or for any other reason, I will prepare and send to you a similar flyer.

I am offering tailor-made Classes to individual, couple, groups or companies staff.
I am adapting my teaching content and timing to any client need, budget and schedule.

You need a quotation for a specific course, workshop or project?
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A 3 hours class is a minimal for a beginner to really master his/her camera and to answer to main difficulties (blurry or too bright, too dark images).
A 2 x 3 hours course is minimal for a beginner to really master his/her camera, to answer to main difficulties, and to be able to take the right decision in front of different type of subjects (sport, portrait, landscape…) and situations (indoor, outdoor).

Private Classes Rate
For sure, the hourly rate is higher than my usual 9 weeks / 25h Group program, but the 1 by 1 (or small group) figure helps to compress the time by only dealing with topics that matter to you the most, adjusting the content of the class for you to save time (and money).

A private photography class is a perfect birthday gift and a shareable experience for a couple.

If You can concentrate your participation during a weekday (2 x 3 hours), I can easily set up my schedule for it and give you a discount, as follow :
2h = 750 RMB / 3h =1100 RMB / 4h = 1450 RMB / 5h = 1800 RMB / 6h = 2150 RMB.
– Example: 1 day 3 hours morning Class + 1 hours= lunch break + 3 hours shooting walk in the afternoon = 2150 RMB (instead of 2400 RMB)
(As many companies are offering budget for their employee’s training, we can produce Fapiao if you need so, but there is 5% tax increment n the total price)

To divide the cost, for this individual price you are welcome to invite one friend, who is willing to learn the same subjects for free. This is a great formula for couples, mates or colleagues.

During my class, I am motivating the student to get out of their comfort zone to start new things creatively and technically. Stan in action.

If you want to share your class with 2 people or more, we will discuss the overall rate.

Sample Program (2 x 6 Hours program)
To save cost, you can just pick up the topic you like the most…
1 – Theoretical and practical training on Camera preset, set up and adjustment according subject, lighting environment and creative idea. Understanding ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. How to use the Quick set up menu, to choose the best Shooting Mode, best exposure metering and Best focus mode. Solving common problem such as (blurred picture, subject too dark or subject too bright), reading the histogram, using exposure compensation.

2 – Theoretical and practical training on composition: choice of lens, framing (point of view), light management (rim of light), subject placement, 3D feel, contrast, light and shadow alternate, layers, focus point, depth of field, choosing background…

My private photography class are also a way to discover some hidden spot of Shanghai. Here with John.

How to tell a story with your pictures. Idea of a series of shots.

3 – Practical shooting outdoor daytime. Adapting yourself on the field according subject (landscape, movement, portrait) and lighting situation (outdoor/indoor, sunny/cloudy). Working on placement, framing, composition to reinforce the dimensional and emotional feel. Learning how to put things in order, how to choose the Aperture and focus point in case by case situation. Working with motion to freeze impact or track movement.
When light is down we will come back to office to check the picture you had taken.

Total: 12 H (can be done in 2 days) or 1 day + 2 x evenings.

Having fun is part of the deal as well! Here with John.

Great gift idea for your beloved ones

I am having regular demand from individual willing to offer a gift to their beloved one.
And it is true that a tailor made Photography workshop, class or walk is an unforgettable and a very useful gift to any person passionate by photography.


Also, such a private class can be a shareable experience for a couple or a small group.
Thus, participant can share the cost of the course as well and still get something perfectly matching their need and available free time.


To practice what you had learn with me, for 300 RMB, you are very welcome to join one of the Photography walks I am organizing on a regular basis, with different topics in mind. Check it out Here

I am having special demand such as Night shooting with tripod. Here with Renee.


1 – Training your communication staff to take better picture and/or video will allow you to always get someone in house ready to supply your communication media.
2 – Depending the technicality of the projet, after my training, your company might not feel the need of hiring a contracted photographer or cameraman for your basic communication need.
I am describing here some program I specifically designed for different client according their demand.

UBISOFT (Shanghai)

A 3 cameras set up for recording a performance from 3 different angles was part of UBISOFT employee 20 hours training.
Ubisoft, a famous Game company

I trained local Chinese in house staff for them to be able to shoot, in both photography and video, any event, party or meeting that UBISOFT company will be organizing.
My tailor made 20 hours program included those topics:
– Review of the way they are using their own equipment: Set Up process (Shutter speed/Aperture/ISO/White balance)
– Controlling the Camera (exposure/histogram/Focus) and handling Technics (Framing, stability, tripod paning).

A Music video recording offered to the student an opportunity to deal with camera positioning, lighting and sound recording.

Based on this first day, I listed potential needed cost efficient Equipment to improve their production value such as Photo studio set (with flashes and backdrop), lenses, tripod, portable flash, microphone or portable lighting.
– Telling story in Making-Of Video (Script, direction, aim, editing in mind, shooting list, B roll)
– Preparation and camera positioning for multi camera shots (Equipment list, choice of lenses, set up, crew members role…). Flash photography.
– Shooting Technics: Point of view, focus pulling, Composition of the shots, Camera position, movement and interaction, Directing people, lighting group and individual (portrait and interview)
– Sound recording (type of microphone, positioning, solving problem)
– Editing on Premiere Basic: dealing with project and media, telling the story with cut, transition,color management, title, subtitle, sound, music, logos.


Atlas Copco: Special course I taught in English and Chinese for a complete Local team in Wuxi.
Atlas Copco is a company producing compressors, generators, Drill rigs, Air motors, Assembly solutions, Concrete and Demolition equipment

Here is the 6 hours program (class was in Chinese and English) packed in 1 day, I specially prepared for Swedish company ATLAS COPCO in Wuxi.
Their aim was to get employees able to record nice images of their drilling equipment working on site, while visiting their client, plus the possibility to get publishable image of their activities and events.

Me and my student during our outdoor shooting session in their facilities.

1 – Understanding the camera
Presentation of the important settings of cameras: ISO / Aperture / Shutter speed/Auto focus mode.
– Presetting the camera for different subject: Choice of lens, Mode, White Balance, Auto focus, Auto ISO.
2 – Case by case study:
Setting up the camera, choosing the lens, finding good position and best composition for different situation and subjects;
– How to shoot Events (ceremonies, speeches, visit)
– How to shoot people (single or group)
– How to shoot products
3 – Practical exercise from participant: shooting people, group and products.

ZARA (Shanghai)

19 Students from allover Asia and Spain participated to an intensive 20 hours program I tailor made for Zara
The famous Brand hired me to teach its staff how to take interior and exterior shots of the store.

I worked on a very interesting project for the famous Spanish clothe company Zara through Inditex head office.
The Intensive 20 Hours program set in 3 days covered many different topics but mainly oriented to the shooting of the interior design of the store and the display of the new collection.

This type of training emulate team interaction while sharing a new, creative and fun experience.
Having a practical session immediately after a theoretical class allows all student to experiment with their freshly acquired knowledge.

Most importantly, this program taught in Shanghai concerned all Asian stores as students were coming from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia…

Proper composition, adequate preset and preserving stability were the main target during practice.

A very unique and interesting project with the following content:
– Day 1 in classroom: Theory and tips concerning light, color, angles, focus, depth of field, white balance etc.
– Day 2 in a store: Practice in real condition with lighting set up demo and shooting session for students.
– Day 3 in Classroom: Photoshop post processing on re-framing, color correction and erasing bothering things (such as light reflection…)
– Day 4 in Classroom: Each student will have to take a series of pictures of his own shop and send it to me.
I will prepare a ppt and do a critic session to help them to progress.
In the afternoon, we do a Q&A session to let them ask question related to there difficulties in photography

Despite the very cold weather (class was held in January) all students were willing to give it a try, shooting the entrance of the store from outside.