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Street Photography Walks

For a 2h30min session

300 RMB

Pay & Enroll

will be hopefully organized in Fall 2023

Drop me an email here: francperet@hotmail.com

The little girl on The Bund and the Skycraper.

Stay tuned, and do not hesitate to contact me if you are having some schedule and topics in mind.

During a walk, we always meet Wedding Photographer at work on the Bund.
Thanks to Franc’s decades of photojournalism experience, you will learn how shooting people in a natural and respectful way.


Let me know if you want to receive my Newsletter announcing the next tours and workshops schedule.

Learning how to compose and to get the right setting in any condition

1 – Learning on the field

Those outdoor photography journey are adapted to anyone interested in practicing photography on the field during a discovery journey, while getting training from a professional photo journalist to improve interactivity whilst facing permanent settings and composition choices.

During my Photography walks, here are some tips you are going to learn from me:
– How to choose your ISO and Aperture value according to lighting condition and target speed (related to the type of subject and motion).
– How to choose your best lens and settings according to the subject.
– How to track the subject with the feel of speed or how to freeze motion and get the right focus.
– How to control the exposure with the shutter button and back button.
– How to compose your shot for better 3D feel and more impact.
– How to solve any problem you are usually experiencing while shooting with your camera.
For night shooting walk, you will also learn:
– How to capture reflections of lights, create an Abstract composition, Create motion blur, play with Long pose (ghosting motion), Paint with light…

Moody shot during a street photography walk at night

2 – Who is concerned?

Any level welcome!
No need to get specific equipment or knowledge to join.
Of course, those photography walk are even more beneficial to my former Essential and Advanced students.
However, shooting in the street is the base of any photography experience and you can build up your personal knowledge from that type of outing.

3 – Private session for individual or couple

Workshop’s cost is usually 300 RMB/student for a group of a minimum of 4-5 students.
I am offering private (tailor-made in term of content and timing) classes as well but conditions are different.
Please check this out: Private and corporate classes


Street Photography walks can be once or several time a week anytime in the year, out of bad weather or air pollution picks.

This is a daytime walk in Puxi for shooting Street photography in a very practical way, with direction and tips to compose your frame and to approach people.
You just need your usual camera and your favorite set of lenses.

Discovering tradition in hidden spot, not so well know by tourists is another aim of the walk.
Walks are a good way to meet new people with the same passion for photography and to compare different visions of the same place.

This workshop is a Night shooting walk from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm for shooting Street Photography with Tripod.
You just need your usual camera, an average zoom lens and a tripod to discover the beauty of long pause photography.

Stability for long exposure
Tripod and long shutter opening duration allow to record special effect on beautiful sites.

Night walk from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm for shooting Street Photography at night without tripod. You will discover how to get perfectly stable, how to find an interesting topic, how to play with reflection of light to compose your shot without a tripod.
You need your camera and a prime lens (fast aperture) such as 50mm f/1.8 + your usual zoom as you can paint with light to create amazing abstract pictures.

Adding feel of Motion by painting with light using a basic zoom lens.
With a prime lens, you will get that shot hand held as the boat is moving in the frame.


Nina is surrounded by the type of equipment i am going to present during that class for participant to understand the need and use of the different element.

During this workshop, I am organizing a Class description and demo of the type of equipment I am using for my studio shoot.
This presentation will help you to understand the need and use of the different parts: stand, flash, softbox, remote control, 5 in 1 reflector, umbrella, bowl, color gel, backdrop…

To make it efficient and immediately useful, I am organizing this class directly in a store where I am used to buying my professional equipment, for the last 10 years.
The class will be therefor organized in the photography building:
Xing Guang Photographic Equipment City building, 288 Lu Ban lu, Xujiahui District Shanghai, situated at the cross of Xie Tu lu + Lu Ban lu

I am also establishing a list of must-have equipment and you can directly order it that same day at a discounted price without the burden of bargaining with a tricky salesperson.

Adding a backdrop to the set help to provide a neutral environment.

The cost of the class represents an acquired knowledge, a ready to buy list, a time saving into researching the right equipment/supplier and also a shortcut to an overall discounted price, without bargaining. To give you an idea, a set price varies from 2300 RMB to 3200 RMB. I am taking no margin on this, the class fee and the reinforcement of my good relationship with the shop owner are enough to my satisfaction.

Nothing force you to buy anything that same day.
If you take your decision, later on, the equipment list and price list will still be available for you, as you are one of my students.

There is a 1-year guarantee on all equipment, and potential free delivery as soon as you are not living in a remote area far from city center.


Black and White on the move.
Meeting people in Old Shanghai area is the main target of Franc’s daylight photography walk

Learn how to find a proper subject, to compose and to post process your image for B&W.
Workshop in classroom. 10 students max.
You just need your usual camera with its lens, and something to take notes.

Friendly retired people in old street are nice subject in B&W if the quality of light is right.
Light at night get along City landscape for some magic.

Every class is usually 300 RMB/student for a group of a minimum of 4-5 people.
Email me to get complete program and to reserve your spot.

Do you want to DISCOVER some WORKSHOP SHOTS?
Do you want to LEARN MORE?

Week-end photo outing

Week-end photo outing are organized nearby Shanghai historical cities or natural park 3 to 4 times a year maximum.
A weekend photo outing usually last from Friday evening to Sunday evening.
The cost depends on duration, transportation, destination and local facilities we are booking.
I will announce opportunities by newsletter several weeks prior to departure. Stay tuned!

Having fun practicing photography in Moganshan for a week-end break
Getting back to nature, and testing macro photography.


Week Long Photography Tour

2011 Xinjiang tour announcement
Pictures patchwork of the 2011 Xinjiang tour

1 – Topics Covered

Each Week long Photography Tour offers an opportunity to visit remote Chinese province such as Xinjiang (3 times), Fujian or Yunnan (twice).
It is also a chance to bring back something memorable and unique about China by taking meaningful pictures.
Many different facets of photography is covered during those highly practical sessions, according to time and location. Advises are provided prior and during each photography session and frequent pictures reviews are helping everyone to share and improve its own work.

Amazing architectural treasure in Yunnan.

Introduction (overall reminder of Essential Photography), camera preset, camera setting according subject, lighting, composition and practical tips for shooting portrait, people, life style, landscape, architecture, wild life. object, structures, and abstract concept…

2 – Course Instructor

Franc Péret, beside his 32 years experience in professional photojournalism, has 13 years experience in teaching (with more than 900 students) and is organizing a photo tour since 8 years.

3 – Equipment Required

Franc’s Photography Tour offers the chance to learn how to take natural portrait of local people.

You just need a Digital camera with one zoom lens or a couple of zoom lenses covering at least 24-70mm for FX, 18-55mm for DX and 14-45mm for M4/3. Any zoom offering a wider range than this would be even better. You can also consider a prime lens, for portrait such as 45mmf1.8 for M4/3, 50mm f1.8 for DX, or 85mm f1.8 for FX. If you are not sure, contact me prior to the outing you consider to join.

4 – Duration

A Week long Photography Tour last 5 to 7 full days, depends on destination.

Discovering remote area without tourists around is one of the challenge we are trying to achieve during out Photo Tour.

5 – Class Size

8 – 10 students maximum. To get enough students to share experience while keeping a compact size minibus to travel with ease.

6 – Cost

Tour cost depends on distance, location and facilities. Price will be detailed with explanation for every trip announcement.
Contact me directly if you are a group of people willing to join a private tour. I can organize it for you.

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A week of unforgettable memories for a small group of Photography Students.

7 – Provisional Schedule

Week long Photography Tour are organized once or twice a year, during Chinese New Year or Spring time.
Check news on the blog: All Journey will be announced in advance on the “what’s new” category of the blog. I am also sharing a newsletter to keep my students informed about it.
You are very welcome to contact me to register your email address on my mailing list to receive the newsletter once a week or two.

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8 – Payment Procedure

Each Journey will be announced in advance with its own payment procedure.

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