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Classes Location

Here is the location for all my courses: Essential Photography, Advanced Photography, private classes and Filmmaking.

Zhao Jia Bang lu No7, Xuhui District
上海 徐汇区 肇嘉浜路7号 ,近瑞金南路。
Close to Rui Jin Nan lu

Rayfont Downtown Hotel is very well located in city center. (click on the map to get clearer view).

To get there by subway, you get 2 options:

1 – From Subway Line 9, get out at Jia Shan lu Station through Exit2 and just walk straight ahead for about 500m.
You will arrive from this side of the building. Hotel will be in your right hand side.

2 – From Subway Line 9, get out at Dapu Qiao lu Station through Exit3 and then go up to cross the road as the Hotel is at the exact opposite side. You have to cross this bridge and then cross Ruijin Er lu to reach the place. You will arrive from this side of the building. Hotel will be in your left hand side.
I think that the option 1 is the best as you do not have to climb the steps of the bridge and cross another street to get there.

To get there by car or taxi:
Ask the driver to bring you to the corner of Ruijin nan lu + Zhao Jia Bang lu. 瑞金南路 + 肇嘉浜路

Lets meet in the lobby
Just come over, get inside the lobby, I will be there waiting for you and the group to guide you to the teaching room.
It is a clean, quiet and nice place to concentrate on learning in a group of up to 8 students.