Shanghai Film & Photography Lessons by Franc Péret

Franc Péret is a professional filmmaker and photographer based in Shanghai.

Franc Péret at his photography and filming sites.

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Photography lessons and film courses in Shanghai

High speed shooting with water, one of popular Workshop in Franc’s Advanced Photography class

Since the very first day the Expat Learning Center Shanghai opened its doors in 2005, I was hired to design and manage the Photography courses.

This has granted me the chance (in 17 years) to teach and mentor more than 990+ students, coming from all over the world.

Sharing knowledge

Then, moved by my passion for motion picture, I created a filmmaking class in 2009.
Teaching became and still is a big part of my life, a second nature which I dearly love.
It is so rewarding to feel students excitement while I am giving my knowledge, tips and tricks.

Franc’s Essential Photography class is teaching practical tips helping anyone to improve its photography skills

Since 2014, I am running my own course structure to continue teaching Photography and Filmmaking in the way I had done successfully for the past several years.

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Photographer in Shanghai

Fashion Shot in a Lift. Sample of Franc Péret’s Photography Work

35 years ago, I started my Photography career as a journalist, which was an amazing place to learn all kind of techniques (for sports, portrait, fashion, product, landscape…) to tell stories with images, while facing a wide range of people, places, and conditions:

I always needed to adapt myself instantly to record the best shots possible as the competition was fierce among magazines and agencies.

Studio set up in a client showroom (Coach) for portraits session

I was shooting on film (slides) and there was absolutely no room for approximation (composition) or technical mistakes (focus, exposure).

Factory Beauty Shot for famous German brand

At that time, professional Photographer needed to be…
Truly professional!

It is not always the case anymore due to the ease of use of the digital camera (which I love), but my clients still think I am making a difference, due to my professionalism, the deep understanding of my craft and my untarnished passion for creativity.

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Filmmaker in Shanghai

Shooting process of TV Commercial Making Of

In France, we love movies, the art form of movies, and since I was a kid, I spent lots of my free time in movie theaters. In 1994, my life changed into a dream comes true experience. Seduced by my pictures, The major film company in Taiwan hired me as a still Photographer to document its big production.

For 3 years, I discovered the making of films during long and exciting working days and nights. Step by step, I became an assistant director and finally a cameraman.

In 2000, I shot the first feature film (“Two Summers”) of independent Taiwan director Leon Dai.

TV Commercial Making Of for Audi

From that moment, Film was not a show anymore, but something linked to my professional life forever. Thus, since 20 years, I am continually directing, lighting shooting and editing commercials, short-films, corporate video, documentaries and Making-Of.

And I am still looking for more!

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