Advanced Photography Lessons

Advanced Photography Lessons in Shanghai

8 workshops over 8 weeks

3800 RMB

Pay & Enroll

My COURSES will start again in Shanghai
when life will be back to normal.
Sorry for not organizing Advanced classes (individual or small groups) in Shanghai for such a long time.
I am in France offering similar classes, that you are welcome to join, if you are travelling in Europe, and I hopefully will be teaching in Shanghai when the overall situation will be back to normal for traveling.

If you are having any question, please contact me here :

According to space availability, students who are not able to sign up for the complete series of workshops will be welcome to join individual workshop they are interested in for 500 RMB sign up fee/lesson.
To sign up, contact me here:

1 – Introduction to the Advanced Workshops

This program is freeing student’s creativity. Discover more by clicking HERE or HERE

The goal of this series of unusual and exciting workshops is to teach the advanced photographer how to use his/her camera with more control in a more creativity way by experimenting various topics in diverse circumstances: from very long exposure time to very fast shutter speed, from burst of studio flash to constant movie lighting.

You will discover professional technique and original methodology to build up your own mood by precisely controlling lighting (modeling and portrait).
With your camera, you will also record phenomenon invisible to your eyes (high speed, special effects, and painting with light).

The class is covering special effect and advanced post-production tips and technique for you to get an overall vision of the extraordinary (and funny) things you can achieve with your camera.

Modeling Shot needs both to master lighting set up and to get a concept in mind.

During the 9 weeks, you will also get feedback on your own work as the course contains pictures review to complete this great experience.

2 – Who is concerned?

This Advanced Photography Workshop course is adapted to all students who previously signed up to the Essential Photography Lessons.

Some experienced photographers are willing to join this series of Advanced Workshops directly.
However, according my experience, I know that they are often missing something important we had reviewed during my Essential Photography program.

3 – What is Covered

This program is a series of workshops designed for you to discover how extreme and diverse Photography can be in terms of set up, effect and subject. With this course you are going to discover highspeed, long exposure, painting with light, modeling with flash, building portrait with movie technique, special effect, and advanced Photoshop post-treatment. Your camera will no longer be the center of the teaching as the light set up, composition, choreography, and imagination are going to take over.
You can get an idea of what we had accomplished during the previous terms by clicking HERE

Painting with light class picture von Julia Kretzschmar, Franc’s Advanced photography Course student
Franc’s Advanced Photography Class High Speed shot by student Monica Ninker in Shanghai.

4 – Course Outline

Doing Magic with Camera and Photoshop is part of this series of Advanced workshops.
  • 1 x Introduction (overall reminder of Essential Photography)
  • 1 x Macro and Product shots
  • 1 x High Speed Photography (freezing movement)
  • 1 x Students Portrait with film light
  • 1 x Painting with light
  • 1 x Workshop pictures review
  • 1 x Special effects (levitation, duplication…).
  • 1 x Advanced post processing (Photoshop, Raw file…)

Extra Optional Classes that I would like to set up for those who are wiling to learn even more by coming an added day in the week.(to be confirmed):

  • 1 x Modeling with studio flash
  • 1 x Indoor/outdoor Flash on camera and beside Camera
  • 1 x B&W shooting and Post processing


Nina is surrounded by a Key light on the left, a fill light on the right and kick light from the back (bounced by the big reflector).
Film Light Portrait Session by student Lee Webb. Find out other creations in recent terms by clicking HERE or HERE

5 – Course Instructor

Portrait with light for students to create a concept and stage fictional character for fun is part of Franc’s Advanced Photography Class in Shanghai

Franc Péret, 35 years experience in professional Photography, 17 years experience in teaching (with more than 920 students), former ELC photography classes founder and teacher.

6 – Equipment Required

You just need a Digital camera with its original zoom lens.
You also need a bright prime lens for portraits such as 45mmf1.8 for M4/3, 50mm f1.8 for APS-C or DX and 85mm f1.8 or 24-70 f/2.8 for FX.
If you are not sure, contact me prior to the class.
You don’t need a flash but a tripod can be handy.

7 – Duration

Franc Péret’s Advanced Photography Workshop is pushing the limit with the use of the highest shutter speed for freezing impact.

8 weeks = about 20 hours total with 1 class every week. Each class lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

8 – Class Size

Minimum 6 students, maximum 10

9 – Cost

Tuition: 3800 RMB per student including Material fee.
+ Please add 5% (190 RMB) to the class fee if you need a fapyao.
Material fee includes lighting equipment, accessories and set up time before and after the class.

In this series of Advanced workshop, Students learn how to play with multiple exposures in one picture.
Franc’s Advanced Photography workshop is an opportunity for student to get a studio shoot experience with flash during the 10 weeks course.

10 – 2023 Advanced Photography Lessons Schedule

Painting with light is one of the most popular workshop of the Advanced Photography Class as it is easy to reproduce at home. Get an idea of what we had accomplished during recent terms by clicking HERE

It will start in mid March and will be announced in early February.
For signing up or for getting more information, please, contact me here:

11 – Payment Procedure

3800 RMB full payment for enrollment at least 2 weeks before class starts, by visiting location or by bank transfer: information will be sent after contacting me by email.

Contact me for details:

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High Speed photography for freezing movement is part of Franc’s Advanced Workshop. Picture by student Gerry Abbott shot during the 10 weeks Photography Course in Shanghai
Marlene Dietrich revival modeling session during Franc’s Advanced Class Workshop Course in Shanghai