Filmmaking Courses

Film Courses in Shanghai

25 hours over 5 weeks

3800 RMB

Pay & Enroll

WILL BE BACK in 2023

Please contact me to get more details:

Course should run on SUNDAYS = 5 weeks, 5 classes from Mid October to Early December.
Detail schedule will be announced 1 month prior to class starts.
- First and last class will be scheduled as follow:
Morning class 10:00 – 12:30 + Lunch Break + Afternoon Class 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
- All shooting days (3) will be scheduled as follow:
Afternoon from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Here are the topics covered:
– Introduction to film making, lighting and story-telling.

– First day shooting
– Second-day shooting
– Third-day shooting
– Introduction to Sound recording and Editing

Franc Péret’s Film making Class is a very practical way to get a quick but complete overview of movie shooting process from script writing to editing.

You are welcome to Contact me to let me know if you are ready for it, at least 2 weeks prior to the first day.
I just need a minimum of 5 students to sign up to start the course.

1 – Who is concerned?

This filmmaking class is adapted to anyone who is willing to discover how movies are made, from start (script writing) to end (editing).

This moviemaking course also answers to the need of anyone willing to discover the overall craft needed prior to the creation of his/her own project (documentary or short film).
No previous experience and no equipment are needed!
Only the willingness to participate in front or behind to the camera is essential.

Franc’s Film making classes teach how to create a specific mood to tell a story with images more than words
Franc’s Film making Class is offering a unique experience to students who participate to the creation of a Short film from Start (concept) to END (editing)

This course is also adapted to all students from my Advanced Photography Lessons who are using a DSLR able to shoot HD video and who are willing to learn a new way to tell stories with their usual camera under sophisticated lighting set up.

2 – What is Covered?

All cameras and equipment is provided by Franc who has an arsenal of film making gear at hand. (photo: Diarmuid)

This class offers an introduction to storytelling (script writing), production reality, camera control and lighting set up.
Following this introduction, 3 days are dedicated to the complete shooting of a short film with students participating to its production as assistants and actors.

After the shooting, 1 class will cover editing and the last class will be an open Questions and Answers session for everyone to get a complete understanding of the overall project we went through altogether.
You can discover some of my past project done during the Filmmaking Class in this Short Films Portfolio

Short Film From The Class >>

3 – Course Outline

In this film making class, preparation and set up are an important part of the program for students to discover a wide range of gears designed to answer to different situations.
  • WEEK 1 = Introduction to story telling and camera type (duration: 2h30 min) and Introduction to lighting and movie script (duration: 2h30 min)
  • WEEK 2, WEEK 3 and WEEK 4 = Short Movie shooting (duration: 3 x 5 hours)
  • WEEK 5 = Introduction to Editing (duration: 2h30 min) and Open Q&A session (duration: 2h30 min)

4 – Course Instructor

Franc Péret, 20 years experience in film making, 17 years experience in teaching (with more than 990 students), former ELC (Expat Learning Center) Film Making Class founder and teacher.

5 – Equipment Required

Nothing!  Except a pen and a notebook to take notes and a small camera or a smartphone to record images of the set up for your record prior to the Q&A session.
The Short film is completely shot with teacher’s equipment.

6 – Duration

5 weeks = 25 hours total with 2 classes every Sunday.
Four classes offer an overview of storytelling, camera layout, lighting set up and editing plus the participation of an open Q&A session.

Film making is a team work and Some students immediately get it to give a help on set up (Photo: Sarah)

Three days are dedicated to the Shooting of a short film with the students.

7 – Class Size

5 – 8 students

8 – Cost

Tuition: 3600 RMB per student
+ Material fee: 200 RMB.
= Total: 3800 RMB.
+ Add 5% (190 RMB) to the tuition fee if you need a fapyao.

Material fee includes equipment, accessories; make up artist and assistants (if needed).

9 – Start Date

For next Filmmaking classes, keep updated by signing up to the newsletter here:
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Each class will produce a short film according the number of students and the different locations available.

10 – Sample Film Course Schedule

Course will run on SUNDAYS = 5 weeks, 5 classes from March 25th to May 13th
– First and last class will be scheduled as follow:

Morning class 10:00 – 12:30 + Lunch Break + Afternoon Class 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
- All shooting days (3) will be scheduled as follow:
Afternoon from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

11 – Payment Procedure

3800 RMB deposit for enrollment at least 1 week before class starts, by visiting location and meeting with teacher or by bank transfer: information will be sent by contacting me by email.

Contact me for details, newsletter sign up and future classes:

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Work in Class is monitored during shooting to share composition and camera set up (photo Diarmuid)
During the shooting process, franc is commenting all his decision making concerning camera setting, light positioning and actors direction for student to follow up the process on the fly (photo Diarmuid)