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Since 13 years in Shanghai, I am providing three types of services: Photography, Filming, and Teaching.

You are welcome to contact me for any project you get in mind related to my skills.

Yes! According the vote of my clients, students and professional contacts, It is possible to be both a good photographer, a good filmmaker and a good teacher. You can check it out on my Linked In Profile


For quotation, best is to send to me a description of the project you get in mind, its schedule, your deadline, the characteristic of the final product your are looking for and some references, such as document (doc, df, ppt), video links or a series of photos which are close to your ideas and expectations in term of duration/mood/quality/set up.
Contact me here:

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I am available for Photography, Film and Video work as Director, Cameraman or Director of photography and of course I can teach to private person or for a group session. Everything can be tailor-made.

Whether it’s documentary, broadcast, corporate or commercial, I have experience in most genres.
I am a pro photographer for 35 years and a filmmaker since the year 2000.

My rates are dependent on the type of job required, the length of time and if gear or assistant is needed. I also offer discounts for longer bookings.

The cameras I own cover every budget. They include the Nikon D750 and D850 (Full Frame), JVC LS-300 (4K), Panasonic AF103 (Full HD) and Panasonic GH4 and GH5 (4K).

I have full lighting gear, motion control with Sliders and minijib. Anything else can be hired in as needed.

If you are interested in booking me for shoots, workshops or private tuition then please contact my office on

Check samples of the recent work I had done for diverse clients and type of projects.
I am working with a crew of assistants and my in house equipment for cost control and reliability. If you need anything similar, you know that I will be up to the task.


Fashion Shot in a Lift with natural light.
Car commercial pictures set up in Studio

I am a professional Photographer since 1986 and you can have an idea of what I had done in the past, in different fields. Be aware that many older pictures posted in those sections are scanned from original slides and they look a bit different than the digital pictures I am doing nowadays: Exotic Jobs, Publications, Personal projects, Entertainment, Sports, Travel

Factory Beauty Shot for famous German brand

Photography Portfolio >>

Franc had the chance to work with famous HKG artist Karen Mok.
Special Character needs special treatment

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Action Shot Set up on Highway for a Making Of video.
Industrial video Shoot for Baosteel Corporate video

My Showreel is a compilation of projects I had done a few years ago for big brands such as: Audi, McDonald, Philips, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Toto, Jing An District, Harley-Davidson, MAC, Amway,Volkswagen

Click HERE, to view my Showreel from China

Camera work on TV Commercial

My Showreel can be viewed with better quality if you have a VPN in China or if you check it out from Overseas:

TVC Making Of for Audi car commercial

You can discover more recent works here, video I had done for big brands such as Audi and Volkswagen.

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Any space can be adapted to photography workshop with different type of topics
Franc can organize a photography class for any group of people with night shooting as a topic for example.

I am teaching Film Making and Photography since 10 years during a 25 hours/10 weeks program.
I am also organizing Advanced Photography Workshops as well Week long Photography tours, Photography week-end workshop, and street photography walk, in Shanghai or other destination.

Painting with light is an impressive workshop easy to organize for a group.
Filmmaking is a highly regarded experience which can be shared by a team of co-worker.

All of those programs can be adapted to your need according, your budget, your time frame, the number of students ready to sign up, the class size and your favorite location.
Do not hesitate to Contact me for that, as teaching is such an enjoyment for me.

Architecture is another great topic for street photography in Shanghai
Street photography in Shanghai is joyful goldmine to achieve local people portrait.