Personal Short Film

Revol’verte (Green Revolution)

This fantastic genre story describes what could be a green revolution against humanity, triggered by the nature itself.

By Franc Péret

The film begins with a diversion, a fight between two men related to a debt to pay. A typical scenario concerned by human relationship, feel and thrill.
In the filmic vocabulary, we call this type of scene a “herring”, a false trail.

This offset from the rest of the movie scene expresses the fact that human being are always interested in the fate of men, and never concerned by the world they occupy and stains.

This very first part is there to emphasize the rest of the story, to create a gap between what we are usually concerned about and what we should really take care of.

We are like aunt in this world, but our conscious give us the feeling that we are important and we deserve interest. Our conscious is mainly oriented on ourselves and people around us.

Nature is just like a decorum we are free to occupy, use and destroy for the sake of human “evolution”, mostly oriented to profit. To point this out, the fight between the 2 men is about money.
This beginning is here to confuse the viewer, to take him out of the typical suspense film about man and his conflicts.

This film tries to evoke the idea that human problems are nothing compared to the multiple daily assaults suffered by nature, in complete indifference.

This movie contains different symbols:
1 – train, railway lines represent the high-speed progress of the human being, that nothing seems to stop. These lines are also the border between present humanity (the reign of humans) and the future of the “naturalness” (the reign of nature).

2 – The sky and clouds that pass: The time that passes and beyond us, eternity can also do without our presence.

3 – The Headless Man (the woodcutter 4×4 which we never see his face) is the most elementary of human brutality a prehistoric and no progress of society has been able to eradicate it by 4000 years of modern history.

4 – The main character is the conviction that we should all feel overlooked our lack of response to wrongdoing against nature which it is responsible, consenting witness (or ignoring) and accomplice.

5 – The degradation of rails by time. The failure of the mission? The inability to change bad human habits? The beginning of the reign of the “naturalness”.

Technically, this 8-minute film was made entirely in 6 days split in 2 years, shot by a team of two people: one director / cameraman and one assistant sound recordist, with the great help of few friends..

Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH1 (GH13 Hack), a value of 300 Euros.
Objectives: Panasonic Lumix 14-45, Nikon 300mm f2.8 AFD, Nikon 180 f2.8 AIS, Pentax 6×7 105 f2.4, Nikon 50mm f1.8 AIS, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8. Lumix 7-14mmf4
Sound recorder: Zoom H4
Lighting: Reflectors