Short Film from my Class

Sweet and Sour

This short story has been shot during my 25 hours filmmaking course I am teaching in Shanghai (China).

By Franc Peret

As usual, actors were selected among the students who had no experience of acting prior to this course. As usual, they were just amazing, skillful, patient and eager to learn while being at the heart of the filming process.

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This short film had be done in less than 15 hours shooting time overall. Voice was recorded in my home with a Rode NT1, Sounde Device Mix Pre-D, line out cable and Zoom H4.
Next upgrade will be a better microphone.

Lighting was a mix of Tungsten (150W and 300W Arri), low consumption bulb light in soft box (135W, 5500K) and even an electric torch (for shower set up).

Sweet and Sour

The story is all about double personality, which is obvious for the 3 girls due to the voice-over content, but also for the guy who switched position from victim to executioner.

Sweet and Sour, a double personality story.

A friend who is Professional actor, Mustaq Missouri, helped on the recording of the Voice over, a quick job we did in a couple of hours due to his great talent, despite a noisy surrounding. Shanghai is a noisy city.

It was my first time to sustain a script on a voice over and i discovered a new pleasure in editing, while finding the right tempo between images pace and voice fluctuation.

A mix of Panasonic AF103, Lumix GH2 and Nikon D800 was used for shooting.
Lenses used: Nikon 50mm f1.2, Voigtlander 25mm f0.95, SLR Magic 12mm f1.6 and Nikon AIS 50-300mm f4.5.
Editing was done on Premiere CS5.5 and Photoshop. No After Effect.

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Former ELC Photography teacher, Franc Peret is teaching Essential Photography Classes, Advanced Photography Workshop and Film Making Classes in Shanghai, for the last 10 years.