Music Video

Shooting at Home

I took the opportunity of a corporate training to shoot this Music video for Dantes.
A black and White treatment for one of his latest title: “Zhong Guo de Fa Guo Ren” (Frenchman from China).
By Franc Peret

A famous video game company hired me to train 2 of their communication team employees in both video and photography shooting for them to be able to cover any event organized by their company to promote their working style and products.

This is a 8 classes private course and while teaching to those Chinese students how to light up a scene with mood, I took the opportunity to shoot a 4 minutes music video for a French performer, Dantes Dai Liang, singing his own song written in Chinese.

3 cameras were recording the performance from 3 different angles. Here is the point of view from the Panasonic AF103

For his song “Zhong Guo de Fa Guo Ren” (Frenchman from China) The idea was to get a classy look with the possibility to insert other images and light effect, later on, in the black background surrounding him.

It is always challenging to set up a lighting with someone dressed in white, as key light, fill light and kick light are behaving very differently according camera angle. And it is an exciting game to set up such a lighting without burning highlights.

This lighting set up and multi cameras shooting was shot in one day in my home/office.
Here are some making of pictures and some frame grab form my different cameras…

The shooting set up with multi cameras. GH4 is on the foreground.

You can get some more technical information in that post: Shooting Flat

Former photo journalist, Film maker and ELC Shanghai Photography teacher, Franc Peret is teaching Essential Photography Classes, Advanced Photography Workshop and Film Making Classes in Shanghai, for the last 11 years.
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