New Awards

Most of the essential class is organized in classroom but Photography walk for practice is part of the program.

Most of the essential class is organized in classroom but Photography walk for practice is part of the program.

By expressing their satisfaction through their testimonial, my formner students are delivering the best award I can dream of.

By Franc Péret

When I created the content of my Photography Course, 12 years ago, I had a very personal (and genuine) concept in mind.
I have no need to explain it to you as my students are explaining it very clearly through their testimonial.

The Class is a creative melting pot: Students are from allover the world sharing different experiences and point of view.

Those comments represents a double happiness to me:
– My students enjoyed the experience and their satisfaction is my first reward.
– Second, Their in depth description of the specificity of the Course perfectly match my original concept.
The way I am transmitting my knowledge is well understood by all of my students, despite their wide range of origins, personality and experience.

Discovering new points of interest is also promoted for freeing imagination.
During the course, students are welcome to try new tricks to answer their needs

This means, I designed the right course for the right people and this is the main reason of its lasting popularity and success.
To understand more about the mood and the content of the course, check this series of recent testimonials:

After the Course, students are seeing things that they had never notice before.

1 – Chiara (Italy)
“Franc’s fun and approachable style makes even a rookie photographer feel comfortable and motivated. He breaks all the concepts down into easy to digest and to apply notions, using clear examples to explain himself. He really puts his students first, in the classroom and during photo walks. Your understanding is his main priority. The end of the course feels like just the beginning of a relationship with Franc and fellow students.”

Dean in full action.

2 – Dean (UK)
“Eyes wide open!
The day of my first class I had to clean the dust off my camera! 10 weeks later after doing Franc’s beginner course, my camera is now firmly by my side.
Franc has an amazing talent to condense so much knowledge and experience into a short course, in an entertaining way. He cleverly pitched the lessons to everyone’s needs by always making the content personal and relevant to our own interests.
He inspired me to open my eyes and notice beauty in even the smallest of subjects. During our photography walk, we visited a street I’ve quickly walked past hundreds of times without really “seeing”. Franc helped me to rediscover this amazing city from a new perspective!
Friends and family have noticed a massive improvement in my shots, thanks to Franc’s expertise and advice! I know how to create better shots and if something goes wrong, or it doesn’t turn out right, I know how to fix it!
Looking ahead to the advanced classes!”

3 – Fabrice (France)
“A few months ago, I decided to join a photography class because I had this DSLR camera I had bought myself and I had no clue what to do with it. My pics looked as “good” as with my iPhone. Today, I’m so glad I took this course: I finally understood what a camera can (and cannot do), what most of the buttons and settings are & the basics of different types of photography. I’m glad I joined Franc’s classes: he demystifies a lot about photography, keeps the lessons very practical, gives plenty of useful tips you can use right away and make a difference. He also makes the classes lively and fun. I can’t wait to join the Advanced Classes next time he is in Shanghai. Thanks Franc!!”

Night shooting with my students to learn the magic of painting with light.
whatever topic students want to hear of will be discussed in Class, such as long pose photography

4 – Jonathan (UK)
“If you want to learn more about photography, then I would highly recommend this course! I can honestly say that I enjoyed every session and I learnt a huge amount about all aspects of photography. Franc is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and has a good sense of humor! He delivers a course that is well explained and easy to follow – there are no stupid questions! Classes sizes are small so if you need help you get it quickly. The photography walks are fun and you learn a lot. I look forward to doing the advanced class!!”

5 – Amelia (China)
“ Franc makes photography FUN. His charming personality and quick wit makes every class always a joy. During the course, I learnt photography 101 – in a way that was simple and digestible for somebody who is really quite horrid at numbers ( still trying to wrap my head around the shutter speed/aptitude/IOS… ). Another highlight : Franc gave me a new perspective on looking at the world. Painting with light – one of my key takeaway! Cameras show you a world that’s invisible to the naked eye. I am thankful to Franc for giving me the tools to use the lens and see the magic. Yay! Thank you!!!! “

6 – Anna (Italy)
I wanted to thank you because your classes were brilliant (your jokes as well) and I feel much more confident now with my camera. Still a long way to go but if I have one tenth of your passion I can only improve from there.
I hope we can be in touch and I can bother you in the future for questions and tips. Keep me posted regarding your future projects.

Shanghai is a great place for street photography, an enjoyable activity with a small group.

7 – Lucica (Romania)
“It’s difficult to express my appreciation for everything I learned from you through words…
I start my class with Franc without knowing anything about photography, but after two months of enjoyable time I learned how to make my memories unforgettable.
Franc taught me how to use my camera and made me want to be a better photographer.
Thanks for everything, Franc!”

Night shooting with Nils and his classmate to learn the magic of painting with light.

8 – Nils (Germany)
I wanted to get into photography for a long time but so far have been held back by the cost of a real camera and the unavailability of suitable photo classes. However, this year I decided to make the first step with Franc’s photography class for beginners and it was definitely the right decision.
Not knowing what I was getting into, I was concerned that the photography class would be very theoretical and dry and similar to how engineering classes used to be in college You can imagine how delighted I was when I found out that Franc’s class is quite the opposite. His teaching style is very hands-on and mostly based on experience which makes it easy for someone who is new to the topic to follow and understand.
Franc himself learned most of his photo skill by practicing and many years of professional and personal experience which means that he understands the point of view of a beginner. Of course it is important to understand the basic theoretical foundation of photography and Franc is able to explain the different variables and settings with clear examples and easy concepts. Also part of the class are photo walk sessions in which you and your group go out into the streets of Shanghai to try out all things you’ve learned in class.
These sessions are guided by Franc and he will show you his way of taking pictures but it is also highly encouraged to be a rebel and find your own way. These walks as well as your personal picture taking will give you many ideas and questions which you can bring back to the class room to discuss them with Franc and your group. This way is an open and relaxed exchange of ideas and a fun way to learn a new hobby. Franc is really passionate about photography and if you are interested in this topic, you soon will feel the passion too.
My only complaint is that I wished the class would go on longer since I still have many questions and many things to learn.
I really want the thank you Franc. Your photography class was so much fun and I made cool new friends that are also interested in the topic. I feel like I have learned a lot and now I have the urge to go outside and take pictures whenever possible. Walking through the streets or travelling through China, I often see things which I want to capture in a picture. It is like I have a different view to whats happening around me. Unfortunately I don’t have my camera with me all the time and often the picture looks different than what I had in my mind, but I want to keep on practicing to get better. I really don’t have any complaints about you or the class but I just wish I had more time and ease to explore everything about photography.”

9 – Miranda (Nederland)
“I did Franc’s Essential Photography class. Franc is a wonderfull and kind teacher. He has humor, which is pleasant, especially during the technical part of the course. I’m amazed by his dedication. After the classes are finished, students can still ask questions or share their work to get feedback. We stay in touch to learn more about photography every day. I’m thankfull for being part of this nice class and getting to know Franc and my fellow students. I’m definately going to attend the advanced photography class.”

10 – Laurence (France)
“It was a real pleasure to attend Franc’s classes. I learnt a lot in a short period of time. Franc manages to create a focused yet fun and pleasant atmosphere that makes me want to come back. I definitely recommend!”

11 – Simone (Germany)
Oh Franc…you are THE ONE AND ONLY…I really enjoyed your course…I learned a lot and now I learn to handle my new camera and want to realize all your tips and tricks that I’m prepared for your next course in October”