Personal Short Film


To protect his daughter, Marlene, a powerful mafia guy, is frightening one of his daughter’s classmate, during a tense 7 minutes face to face meeting, to force him to become Marlene’s undercover body-guard in the University.


Mustaq Missouri as a godfather


This movie had been shot by myself with 4 actors. I especially wrote this story, which can be a pilote for a full feature film (if producer comes in) for the main actor, Mustaq Missouri who deserve lots of play.


1 – Mustaq never played before in front of a camera, more used to theater scene. It was a great experience for both of us. And we are planning new works together soon.
2 – Music is original, I worked on it with my friend Christophe “Dantes” Hisquin. It was a premiere as Christophe and myself had never work on a soundtrack before… And from now, we are always going to do it. Christophe has also a great potential to compose music for motion picture.

A tense action

This movie had been shot with 3 cameras, Panasonic GH13 (hacked version of GH1, thanks to Vitaly!). I was alone with only one assistant to shoot, set up light and record the sound.

The set took place in my bedroom, about 15m2 only! In my old Shanghai flat.
We slept for 3 weeks on the floor as my bed had to be disassembled (actually it is part of the background set). Shooting took 2 and 1/2 days


Everything was shot in my bedroom, with the shooting area occupying only 3m x 4m!

Budget was something like 100 Euros for props and lunchbox, essentially…
All actors were volunteer willing to share the experience.

I wish to compete to Festival with this movie to thank all my friends who participate to this project, especially Mustaq (lead actor) and Christophe (the composer).


A patchwork of best scenes