2014 Advanced Workshop

Autumn Light & Colors

Dry leave and game of autumnal light

Dry leave and game of autumnal light

Autumn is a great season in Shanghai, thanks to the lasting blue sky and the numerous sycamore trees planted in the French concession.

By Franc Peret

To take benefit of the great lighting and the tawny color leaves falling on the ground or elsewhere, I went out with my Advanced workshop students for a 3 hours walk searching for interesting composition to memorize with our cameras.
Here are some of the shots I had done, working on structure, shape, colors, texture and humor…


Black is best for reflection

Cars are everywhere nowadays, but nature is still taking over

When dust looks like marble
Dust, leaves, spot of light and shadows

Decorum of the French concession

An open window for breaking down the symmetry and for catching colorful leaves
Fake flowers but real underwear.
Leaves are ‘sitting’ anywhere, drying quietly under a filtered sun light..

People are also part of the decoration

When a leopard lady is wearing orange shoes, she sits on a Dulux painting pot.

High contrast lighting is cutting out the street in sharp shape and edges

From circle to oval.
Crossing lines and shaping in 3D.
Wheels in jail

Locked street cart collection for inspiration

Mixed disorder creates new order.
Freed the tree!

When photography meets sculpture

One of my student standing there, his shadow reaching a leave and the magic just happened.
Work and bicycle in progress.

Things always need to get fixed in Shanghai

3D game of light.
Hope the knot is well done.
Porsche Fan shooting a Porsche logo.
Trees escaping from the fence.

Standing next to a traffic light to get traffic

Skating on Huai Hai Zhong lu.
Waiting for a green light to roll again.

Photographer and target

Passing by a City sunset
Liam has 3D arms

Past and future

Connection relic, from the pre-wifi age.
Monkey want to play too.

Connecting people in the street

Smiling first
Puffing second.

Riding and resting styles

Fashion in, fashion out.
Riding a small bicycle barefoot is exhausting
Still some space in the taxi trunk for the baby?

Taking care of details

Make it Shine or at least less sticky.

Urban structures and monsters

Welding next to a monster
Metallic structure to fill up the sky.