Music Video

Dantes – Shanghai

This Music video is targeting Chinese market, my first attempt of Music video there with a camera I discovered few days before shooting.

By Franc Péret

I shot this 3min30s MTV in 2008 in Shanghai for Dantes, a french singer who is singing in both french and Chinese.

We did this shoot with a very low budget, a 3 to 4 people team.

I took this opportunity to try my newly bought Panasonic Lumix GH1, Hacked (to get higher bitrate). The running shot on board were done with the original 14-45 mm lens, which is stabilized. The other shots are done with Nikon lenses, ranking from 17mm to 300mm.
GH1 was never pushed more than ISO400, as it deliver better results being underexposed (at least 2 stops).

Night shooting even with the 300mm f4 lens (which turns as a 600mm field of view on this camera) were an amazing piece of pleasure! I did the studio shot in a classroom, where I am storing all my lighting for my photography and movie making class in Shanghai. You can check in my website: