My Best Reward

One of my very first class, shooting in the street with students for ELC Shanghai

One of my very first class, shooting in the street with students for ELC Shanghai

When The Expat Learning Center suddenly Closed down after the Spring 2014 term, it took me by great surprise as business was so healthy with more than 70 students for my photography class only.

By Franc Péret (Photo: Yoko Sakamaki, FP and Sarah)

I was teaching for ELC Shanghai since the very first day its founder, Nick Dido, created it back to 2005.
I designed the content of the Photography class and the film making class, later on. I ran both for 9 years.

Action shot with specific lighting during one of Franc’s film making class

Nick became a friend, I stayed with him whatever happened (As you might know, it is far to be easy to build up something lasting in China) and his amazing efforts and great skills brought us to deserved success. Our hard work was rewarded by growing number of students and classes until this Spring 2014.

Teaching “having fun with a camera”, surrounded by a an enjoyable group of people is a rewarding experience

I had up to 10 classes a week (25 hours!) and 80 students total in my Photography and Filmmaking classes, but I was not alone with so many different courses around (such as Drawing, Painting, Fashion Design, Interior design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acting, Writing, English, Chinese Medicine, Chinese language…).

Franc’s Painting with light class and Student’s imagination
Marlene Dietrich revival during a Franc’s Advanced Class modeling session with Oxana.

Nick took the decision to stop everything due to his health condition and I respected his decision without complain as ELC was his baby and I consider that he was the only one to own it.

Shooting a weird wired model in the classroom during Franc’s movie light workshop

Also, without Nick, I would never had the chance to experiment the greatness and the lasting excitement of teaching, sharing my knowledge with so many people. This is a lifetime revelation for me as it helped me to discover another part of my skills and personality. I have to thank Nick for that.

2014 Franc’s Advanced Class High Speed shot by Monica Ninker
2014 Painting with light class picture von Julia Kretzschmar, during Franc’s Advanced photography Class
2014 Franc’s Advanced Class (Spring term) Studio shoot by Sandrine Nelisse.

Nick conclude our 9 years great partnership with this testimonial and I wanted to share its content with you as it is one of my best reward in my 28 years career.

Thanks for all Nick.


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