don’t think, get on board

Sometime,facing his students, a teacher feels like a people surrounded by paparazzi...

Sometime,facing his students, a teacher feels like a "People" surrounded by paparazzi...

I have been keen to learn photography for a long time, and always thought i was good with a compact camera. I went on to buy a DSLR camera, not realizing that i had no idea at all how to use it!

By Liam (former photography student)

So there came a time in my life where my days became free, and i joined Francs class at an Expat Learning Center.

Within the second lesson, my understanding of my camera was made so easily and clear, that my pictures had already become a complete different style. After the third lesson, i became a professional…(ok, not quite!)

After 10 weeks, my whole outlook for this passion has changed, and all because of one man…….Franc.
He teaches in such a way that its the highlight of the week, funny, interesting, and he clearly has so much passion with his job, it shines through with his teaching.


Holding a camera, holding a breath, waiting for the right moment

The fact that he is willing to give away all his secrets, no matter how long its taken him to learn, he thrives on the pupil being the best he / she can be.

He is completely open to any questions, at any time, and is also just the nicest guy (ok, his English is about 95% correct, but the 5% he gets wrong is so entertaining!) (so is his ponytail).

His teaching has completely changed my perspective on the way i see things, my surroundings, other peoples pictures, magazines layouts, camera shots in films………you will be amazed at what you “don’t see” in normal everyday life.


Since 5 years, Franc is organizing photography tour in great China with the same partner

On top of this, he also takes pupils on field trips, and does private classes in his own time. His knowledge of all camera brands is amazing, and will often suggest lenses etc when he understands what kind of photography you want to do.

I personally must be a nightmare, as I am always asking questions, and want to photograph everything, close, far, moving, still….you name it! (Believe it or not, there is not 1 lens that does all that!)

In no way did it ever feel like a class, as it was just so much fun to do…

The main photography course can be followed by a series of workshops in the frame of the advanced class.

if you are reading this, please, don’t think, get on board, its one of the best decisions you will ever make.

The pictures i now take are extraordinary, and i have a clear understanding of how i want the picture to come out, and the knowledge to do it.