Humorous, friendly, informative

Boring? No the class is not. The sleeping guy is not one of my student.

Boring? No the class is not. The sleeping guy is not one of my student.

For those who are thinking of having lessons with Franc: What can you say about the man with the Inspector Clouseau* accent?

By Russ Young (Former photography student)

When I joined the first, beginners class, I never expected to gain as much from it as I did.
That’s why I signed up for the second, advanced class, with Franc.

I’m a big believer of, “if you enjoy something you will get a huge amount out of it”, school of thought. And believe me, I got a LOT out of the lessons!
Franc is a very humorous, friendly, informative and professional chap.

His lessons are structured and full of content while also being relaxed and funny at the same time. He uses the word “tack or dack” a lot, which we all had a laugh at as we didn’t quite understand what he was saying but, somehow, we all understood what it meant.

He taught us,from the beginning, how to set up our cameras, then how to use light, perspective, speed etc.

We shot high speed water shots, model shots and painting with light shots. All very informative!
It gave me a much greater understanding of how to compose and use light to get much better pictures in the future.

I hope Franc sets up some further classes as I will not hesitate to book with him.
Great bloke, great teacher.
*Peter Seller character in “The Pink Panther” movie series