Short Film from my Class


This short film is the final result of my Spring 2011 Filmmaking class. This video was shot in 3 x 5hours workshop only, with the students of my filmmaking class at ELC Shanghai.

By Franc Péret

I wrote the Script according the selected student who accepted to play without any prior experienced.

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This story was inspired by part of my starting life experience in Shanghai China. I was living in an old house and It was amazing to discover that usual everyday life kind of things, such as light switch, door lock, can opener, batteries, hair dryer or hand light, were never working properly…

Something was always out of order, even brand new…

Sometime I felt like a bad spirit was taking a special care of my life to turn me mad.
Explanation is simpler: At that time, things sold for local market were often the left over production, not good enough for export… The worst “Made in China” side. Chinese are used to it, I was not at that time. Since then, things are getting much better due to global progress of product quality on the local market.

Equipment used for this video : Panasonic HVX200 + Letus 35mm adapter + Nikon Lens set. Lighting is Tungsten (ARRI 150W to 650W) or Fluorescent (Kinoflo 100W to 300W

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Former ELC Photography teacher, Franc Peret is teaching Essential Photography Classes, Advanced Photography Workshop and Film Making Classes in Shanghai, for the last 10 years.