TV commercial Making Of

Audi Q3

This time 90% of the shot are done outdoor in real streets in Shanghai.
The very interesting part concerns the load of special effect and green screen work involved, most of them done on set.

No English subtitle yet as production and working team were all French and Chinese speaking.
Director and VFX supervisor are from Belgium while Director of photography is from France
Production company belongs to a Shanghainese who is perfectly fluent in French
It was a tough job with 4 shooting days and a long editing process.

This video has been shot with my Panasonic AF100 and a hacked Lumix GH2
I mostly used the AF for the interview and tripod shot. I noticed that GH2 get a real problem with green (green screen) which turn cyan, whatever White Balance setting and method I was using. AF100 is perfect on that matter.