1988 Concert in Paris

As a photo journalist, I always grab the opportunity to try something new and challenging, in term of working condition and lighting. In 1988, I got a pass from one of my friends involved in the organization of the Paris show of “Johnny”, a (still) huge star in France.

Photos: Franc Péret

With the backstage access, I got the opportunity to stand before the first raw of the public (50 000 people), with few other photographers, just in front of the performance.

Band of guitar player

I set up my Nikon FE2 manually, checking from time to time the right exposure on the shubject’s skin.

Rock attitude
Dark Side under spot

Getting the right (manual) focus and being in tune with the movement of the singer to get him as sharp as possible were also challenging in such a changing environment.

Team leader

To get slide good enough for publishing, there was no way to use more than ISO400.

Getting deep
Giving it all

Beside my technical brainstorming, I was amazed by the atmosphere of the show and the emotion shared between the performers and the public.

Stunt on the scene
To illustrate the song: “Tout est possible a moto” All is possible on a bike

My set of pictures stay few years in News agencies such as Gamma and Arenok (shot on Kodak slide ISO400).

Franc Peret is teaching Essential Photography Classes, Advanced Photography Workshop and Film Making Classes in Shanghai