Exotic Job

1995 Taiwan Beauty contest

Taiwan Model

Taiwan Model

In Taiwan, Beside my work as a still photographer for movies, I was hired by local agencies for a great variety of jobs.

Photos: Franc Péret (shot on slide film)

This time, I was the official photographer for promoting a National Beauty Contest.

Softening the shadow

No much time to enjoy as everything had to be completed in a very tight schedule.

Flower time
Bubble gum
Tough girl in tough place

I just got a week-end to take care of 20 girls… Sea, Shoot and Sun.

Yellow nails and Sunflower
Dark in the sun

Not that easy to take beauty shot of amateur models in natural environments, especially when you have to work full day from morning to evening without a break.

Nap on the rock
Playing with the wind

I had to compose with the wind (hair style hardly resists against it) and to work with the available harsh light, which is far to offer the best condition all the time.

Selection of the day
Getting wild

By chance the contestants, the environment and the weather were awesome.
A great and memorable job! (shot on Kodak slide ISO100).

Blooming eyes

Former ELC Photography teacher, Franc Peret is teaching Essential Photography Classes, Advanced Photography Workshop and Film Making Classes in Shanghai, for the last 10 years.